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Summerwind Mansion Official Site

Stories of ghosts and spirits abound at the abandoned estate nestled deep in the northwoods! The infamous Summerwind Mansion , (aka Lamont Mansion) has long been the source of discussion and haunting tales.


Windows that wouldn't stay closed, gunshots fired at ghosts, misty forms floating through doorways, vanishing corpses and rooms that seemed to change size at will were just a few of the paranormal events surrounding the once beautiful summer home!


Nature is slowly taking over the remains of a magnificent stone terrace and two 40 foot tall chimneys as Summerwind becomes another Wisconsin legend. Though separating truth from fantasy is extremely difficult at this late a date, the fact that Summerwind was strange and unusual goes undisputed.


So I have decided to prepare this site to help dispel some of the rumors and hearsay that have been circulated through the years by those that reveled in spreading undeserved hysteria. Read the true story in The Carver Effect !